Presbyterian Church
14753 Charmian Road, Blue Ridge Summit, PA
Phone: 717.794.2637
Sunday Worship Service for 8/2/2020
Sorry, we had an issue uploading the video of this morning's service. Please check back tomorrow, Monday, Aug 3rd.
For Hawley Church Members. Even though we may not be able to directly give our financial offerings as acts of worship in the Hawley Church sanctuary, our faithfulness to support the Lord’s work can still be accomplished by either setting aside our weekly offerings and saving them until we can return or by mailing them to: Hawley Memorial Presbyterian Church, P O. Box 582 Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214.
At Hawley, we endeavor to: Love the Lord and each other with all our hearts, joyously welcoming all into His circle of Grace. Know the Lord through teaching, preaching, studying and learning His Word. Bond with the Lord through worship and prayer. Fellowship in the Lord by celebrating each others' joys and shouldering each others' burdens through love and nurturing. Share the Lord through Mission and Evangelism outreach.